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Match zip codes to national, state, or local legislative districts with our zip code lookup files. Choose from a variety of options and match types.

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5 or 9 digit zip to district files

Zip codes change frequently. We have the latest U.S. zip code data and offer five or nine digit lookup files.

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Improved accuracy

Matching to districts based on zip codes alone isn’t always the most accurate. We offer improved accuracy with a population-based zip code matching algorithm. Increase your probability of successfully matching a zip code to a district by an average of 5% over other products

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Zip to District FAQ

Every year, the United States Postal Service makes thousands of changes to Zip Code records. Cities may be added and removed and Zip Codes may be created or discontinued. We receive monthly updates to our zip code data so our Zip to District files are as accurate as possible.

Most zip to district services match a zip code area to a legislative district based on the center or “centroid” of that area. Since zip codes can cut through legislative districts, this may not always be the most accurate. In addition to centroid matching, we offer an increased accuracy option that takes population into account.

The price varies based on the data you need. Contact us for a custom quote.

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