District Match

A seamless way to match your addresses to legislative districts and elected officials.

Simply provide us with your addresses and we’ll return them stamped with the legislative districts and elected official information you requested.


Multiple Data Formats

Accepts multiple data formats: Excel, CSV, DBF, Access


Matches your file to legislative districts, elected official contact information, school districts, and watersheds, and returns CASS certified addresses


Returns your file with the requested information appended.

District Match Pricing

*This estimate is subject to change based on discounts and variable pricing dependent on district type.

10% off for non-profits

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Consult this guide on formatting tabular address data for District Match.
The data returned with your addresses can include:
  • Geocoded coordinates for each address
  • Local, State, and/or National legislative district id’s of districts currently in effect or going into effect after the next election (redistricted boundaries)
  • Elected official name, contact information, etc
  • Social media identifiers such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Non-legislative districts such as counties, school districts and watersheds
This is based on the size of the project, but generally allow for 4-6 business days. We can offer expedited service if required.