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The easiest way to match addresses with districts and representatives to advance your mission.

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Fuel your grassroots advocacy campaign, update records in your CRM, or complete targeted mailings in minutes. Simply upload your address spreadsheet and we'll return it stamped with the legislators and districts you need.

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Quickly processes thousands of records. Results are returned within hours.

Comprehensive Data

Appends a wealth of information, including legislative districts, elected official contact information and social media, school districts, watersheds, and more.

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Returns verified addresses which make mailings and database updates a breeze.

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Address files must be saved as a CSV, and should be formatted according to this guide.
At this time, we can only accept files with up to 100,000 addresses. For more than 100,000 addresses, please contact us for a custom proposal.
Your addresses can be matched with the following data options:
  • Local, State, and/or National legislative districts
  • Elected official names, contact information, and/or social media identifiers
  • Non-legislative districts such as counties, census districts, school districts, police districts and watersheds
For a full list of our data availability (including our local district coverage), please see this document.
The results will be returned back to you as a CSV, with your original addresses and other fields included. You will receive a separate CSV for each district level you choose (for example, if you choose to match your addresses to State House and State Senate districts, you will receive 2 CSVs as a result). You can view a sample output here.
Turnaround time is dependent on how many addresses you’d like matched, and which data you choose. The process can range from a few minutes, to a day. You will receive an email with the results when your project is complete. Your project will be available for up to one year in the My Projects page of your account.
Our team updates data on elected officials as it becomes available after an election. If you have questions about whether data is available for a specific legislature or official after an election, please contact us before starting a project.

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