The Cicero API matches your addresses to their legislative districts and gives you back a wealth of elected official contact information.

Whether you want to populate constituent records in your database or provide an elected official lookup tool on your website, use the Cicero API for rapid and highly accurate district matching and data population.

Daily Updates

We monitor special elections, appointments and redistricting efforts and update our data on a daily basis, not just just after major elections.

Comprehensive, Verified Social Media Information

The Cicero database features comprehensive, verified gathering of over a dozen social media identifiers for elected officials.

Real People, Not Robots

Our team of researchers collects and enters all of our data by hand. We never use scrapers. This guarantees better quality data compared to other services using website scraping.



Geocoding is the assignment of latitude and longitude coordinate points to an address. Addresses are passed to the Cicero API, each one is geocoded, and then the coordinates and CASS-certified standardized address is passed back to the user.

Address Based District Matching

Cicero matches districts based on full address data, leading to the most consistently accurate results. Many other services use only zip codes, which can cover multiple legislative districts, leading to imprecise results.

Boundary Maps

The Cicero API map service provides you with a configurable boundary map image for each district. District boundary maps help visualize the geographic area an elected official represents.

API Pricing

Credits Commercial Pricing Nonprofit, Gov, Education Pricing
10,000 $332 $298
25,000 553 498
100,000 1,442 1,298
250,000 2,387 2,148
1,000,000 7,665 6,898
>1,000,000 Contact Us Contact Us

What is a credit?

A credit is the currency of the Cicero API. To learn more about API resources and their cost in credits, please visit our documentation. In general, the number of credits you’ll need will be the number of addresses or locations you need to match.

Questions About Pricing?

Our team is here to help you understand the API’s pricing structure. Contact Us today.

Non-Profit, Gov, or Educational?

Nonprofit, Government, and Educational institutions automatically receive a discount on API credits. 501(c)(3) certified nonprofits are also eligible to purchase 5,000 credits through our partnership with TechSoup.

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As a REST API, you or a developer can integrate Cicero into just about any web platform. However, sometimes that's easier to accomplish with a little help.


Cicero integrates with the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack, allowing you to verify household addresses, and match them to Congressional, State Upper, and State Lower Districts.

Cicero Python Library - GitHub and PyPi

The Cicero API is available with a Python wrapper, which wraps the API in easy to use functions and classes specific to the Python programming language. Access to this library is available through both GitHub and PyPi.


Cicero integrates with CiviCRM, an open source constituent relationship management system, automatically setting school and legislative information for your contacts. This plugin is not maintained by Azavea.



You will need a software developer, or someone who has experience working with a REST API. To see our documentation on how to implement please visit our documentation.
You can contact us Monday through Friday or by filling out the Contact Us web form. For urgent requests, please feel free to call us at 215-925-2600.
Credits are the currency of the Cicero API. Credits are purchased in incremental buckets, and then deducted as applicable API ‘calls’ are made.
A call is a line of communication used to ask an API to return a specific result. In the case of Cicero, you might make a call to the legislative_district resource, which will return a response of legislative districts to the location you specified.
We do not charge you for authentication calls or to retrieve election event data. For a full list of API resources and their cost, please visit our documentation.
You can contact us by filling out the Contact Us web form. For urgent requests, please feel free to call us at 215-925-2600.
After you've signed up for an account, you can visit Client Login. For the user login and password use the email and password you used when you signed up for your account.
Your user ID and password are the email address and password you provided during the Cicero API account signup process. The same user ID and password are used as authentication for accessing the Cicero API.
We offer a Free Trial so users can experiment with integration prior to committing to a paid account. New users are automatically given a free trial when signing up for the API. The free trial provides 1000 credits and expires after 90 days. If, at the end of your 90-day trial period, you would like to continue using the Cicero API, you can simply purchase credits by visiting the Purchase page in your user account dashboard. We kindly ask that you only sign up for one free trial per organization.
We ask that you limit API calls to 200 per minute. For more information about user obligations and rights, please see our Terms of Use