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Explore our data and apps on Github. Check out some of our data, including historical Congressional districts, as well as the results of our research on legislative district compactness.



Cicero integrates with the Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack, allowing you to verify household addresses, and match them to Congressional, State Upper, and State Lower Districts.

Cicero Python Library - GitHub and PyPi

The Cicero API is available with a Python wrapper, which wraps the API in easy to use functions and classes specific to the Python programming language. Access to this library is available through both GitHub and PyPi.


Harness the power of R to enhance your data with information from the Cicero API. rcicero can be used to query data on elected officials, legislative and nonlegislative districts, upcoming elections, and boundary maps.


Cicero integrates with CiviCRM, an open source constituent relationship management system, automatically setting school and legislative information for your contacts. This plugin is not maintained by Azavea.


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